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We hope that our internet site – on private law in Poland – is the start of something big ahead. So why now, why about civil law, and why in English?

The contemporary legal discourse does not need only “thick books”, but requires also more flexible ways of informing about legal concerns – like blogs and internet websites. They alter the paradigm of exchanging legal information, departing from the traditional, solely analytic discourse, into more diverse ways, responding to newly-arising needs.

The website is addressed to lawyers dealing both with doctrine and practice, as well as to the others interested in current events in private law. Its aim, however, is not to replace traditional analysis, which remains essential for professional lawyers. It also does not aim merely to provide news on legal acts and publications – which is a task for e-information of another type.  The goal we are pursuing is rather to report changes in the legal discourse, on new issues and trends coming up within the civil law domain and its particular areas – especially triggered by new legislation, books and articles, but also by new events on the market situation.

Why civil law? Because the authors of this website are civil law lawyers. At the same time, the broadly considered civil law (the law of the market) is the most dynamic part of the legal system – and so offers the broadest field for comments in e-form.

Why in English? We intend to provide the website a universal dimension. The traditional legal discourse, based upon Begriffjurisprudenz, is by its nature a domain of national languages (i.e. the languages of the legal texts subject to analysis). The more discourse we can attract that is universal in terms of its subject and that also embraces novelties within the realm of law, the sooner we may be able to give up these language limitations.

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Ewa Łętowska
Ewa Łętowska

Professor of private law in the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and an Ordinary Member of the Academy, a Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the Académie de Droit Comparé, a former judge on the Constitutional Tribunal and previously of the Supreme Administrative Court, and in 1987 - 1992 the first Ombudsman in Poland.